First Impressions [April 4, 2017]

Hello there!  Welcome to The Prettiest Odd, a blog chronicling my hopeful adventures as I embark on the rest of my life, one day at a time.

My name is Ash, an eighteen-year-old living in New Jersey. I identify as agender and use they\them pronouns. I also identify as asexual (and queer). At the moment, I am attending Gallaudet University for a degree in English. In the coming months, that is subject to change as I hope to transfer to Rutgers University.

But, this is all just formality stuff. Let’s get to the meat of the sandwich; the lesser known, more interesting information (although at this point, it’s the least known).

I am bilingual, knowing both English and ASL. I started learning ASL when I was fifteen and took it with me through high school and college. Learning the language, the culture, and the community has been one of the most mind-opening experiences of my life.

Music has been a part of my life since I was a kid, playing the violin for about two years when I was in single digits before switching over to the alto saxophone. I played for about ten years, stopping just as I went to college– Gallaudet is a predominately Deaf university and doesn’t have a marching band.

My sister and I have been Fueled By Ramen “emo” kids since 2005 and refuse to leave all of our childhood behind– expect some throwbacks or reviews of music coming from some of my favorite up and coming bands (or more appropriately, I’m late coming to them).

Besides this “journaling” style of writing, I typically write creative fiction such as poetry, short stories, novels, or plays. Becoming an English major suprised little to no one, although getting to the point of accepting the title and false stereotypes has been a slow process that I am still working on– and will be with you.

Hope you’ll come along for the ride here on The Prettiest Odd, where everything is open for discussion and nothing is too weird.

Love and Checkered Vans,




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